Yaskawa Electric: With i ³ – Mechatronics as the core, we firmly adhere to the digital development path and China’s local strategy

Currently, global industrial automation is ushering in a new round of technological transformation. With the deepening of the concepts of intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0, digitalization and intelligent solutions have become the key to improving production efficiency and product quality for enterprises. Especially in various popular industries such as lithium batteries, photovoltaics, and wind energy, the demand for high-precision and intelligent production equipment is particularly urgent. Efficient and stable automation equipment can not only improve production efficiency, but also significantly enhance product quality, helping enterprises stand out in fierce market competition.
In this context, more and more enterprises are committed to researching and launching innovative intelligent manufacturing solutions to cope with constantly changing market demands and technological challenges. At the 2024 South China Robotics and Automation Exhibition IARS, we interviewed Mr. Zhuoye Sanlun, Director of the Business Planning Department of the Business Planning Department of Yaskawa Electric (China) Co., Ltd. Through this interview, we explored the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises empowered by Yaskawa Electric’s i ³ – Mechatronics, and discussed their applications in lithium battery assembly and intelligent winding systems, as well as future product development plans.
Mr. Sanlun Zhuoye, Director of the Business Planning Department of the Business Planning Department of Yaskawa Electric (China) Co., Ltd
Integration, intelligence, innovation, i ³ – Mechatronics drives industrial digital transformation
With the deepening of Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, the concept of i ³ – Mechatronics has become a hot topic in the industry. By combining integration, intelligence, and innovation, i ³ – Mechatronics not only improves production efficiency but also significantly improves product quality. In the future, more enterprises will adopt this model to promote the further development of industrial automation.
Since Yaskawa Electric proposed the i ³ – Mechatronics solution in 2017, it has continuously promoted the implementation of this global strategic concept. I ³ – Mechatronics has added three i (integrated) on the basis of mechatronics integration, intelligent, innovative), By integrating data applications, we provide customers with effective solutions to continuously improve production site issues. At this exhibition, we can see the practical application of this concept, showcasing Yaskawa Electric’s innovative achievements in the field of intelligent manufacturing through exhibits.
Minister Sanlun stated, “As a leader in the industrial automation industry, Yaskawa Electric has always been committed to promoting industry development through technological innovation. i ³ – Mechatronics is not only a concept, but also the core strategy of Yaskawa Electric in the new era of industrial automation.”. In the face of constantly changing market demands, Yaskawa Electric provides customers with innovative and forward-looking solutions by integrating advanced technology and intelligent applications
China Industrial Control Network believes that in the future development of industrial automation, continuous technological innovation and intelligent application of products will become the main driving forces. Enterprises need to continuously launch products based on cutting-edge technology to meet market demand and customer expectations. The concept of i ³ – Mechatronics provides a clear direction for future product development.
With the continuous development of industrial digitization, we can also see that Yaskawa Electric always stands at the forefront of technological innovation. At last year’s International Robot Exhibition IREX, Yaskawa Electric launched new products based on the i ³ – Mechatronics concept, including the “MOTOMAN NEXT” robot and YRM controller. These products not only demonstrate Yaskawa Electric’s continuous efforts in technological research and development, but also reflect the broad prospects of the i ³ – Mechatronics concept in practical applications.
The Minister emphasized, “The three steps (integration, intelligence, and innovation) of i ³ – Mechatronics will continue to guide the direction of future product development. On the basis of integrating advanced technology and intelligent applications, Yaskawa Electric will continue to pay attention to customers’ production sites, help customers improve production problems and achieve innovation through data collection and intelligent applications. This not only conforms to the development trend of the industry, but also brings practical production benefits to customers.”
At the same time, he also has high expectations for the future of i ³ – Mechatronics. He believes that Yaskawa Electric will continue to be committed to providing customers with more intelligent and innovative solutions through high-precision, high-quality, and high stability products. This strategy will further consolidate Yaskawa Electric’s leading position in the field of industrial automation and drive the entire industry towards intelligent manufacturing.
Be optimistic about the future of the lithium battery industry and continue to empower it with innovation
In recent years, the lithium battery industry, as an important component of the new energy field, has seen an increasing demand for automation and intelligence. Efficient and stable production equipment is the key to the development of the industry. In the future, digital and intelligent technologies will play a greater role in lithium battery production lines, driving the entire industry towards efficient and intelligent development.
In the process of industrial automation, the application of digital and intelligent technologies has become particularly important. The lithium battery assembly and intelligent winding system showcased by Yaskawa Electric at this exhibition highlight its outstanding capabilities in high-precision control technology. The lithium battery industry, as an important component of new energy, has a high demand for efficient and stable production equipment. Yaskawa Electric provides integrated intelligent solutions through cooperation with industry equipment manufacturers and system integrators, achieving stable collaboration of products such as robots and servo motors.
Minister Sanlun gave a detailed introduction to the technical key of intelligent winding equipment, which achieved uniform and beautiful winding of thin films through high-precision frequency conversion, servo, and motion controller. These technologies not only improve production efficiency, but also significantly enhance product quality, demonstrating Yaskawa Electric’s outstanding ability to cope with complex production environments.
According to the perspective of China Industrial Control Network Research Institute, with the acceleration of global new energy transformation, the lithium battery industry will continue to maintain rapid growth in the future. Although the current market is slightly saturated, the continuous upgrading of technology and new market demand will bring new development opportunities to the lithium battery industry. Enterprises in the industry need to constantly innovate and improve their technological level to cope with future challenges and opportunities.
Against the backdrop of the global transformation towards new energy, the lithium battery industry has become a highly anticipated focus. Although the market is currently relatively stable, the three rounds of ministers are full of confidence in the future. He said, “The penetration rate of global EV vehicles is still very low, and the demand for lithium batteries will continue to grow in the future. To achieve” carbon neutrality “, the penetration rate of current EV vehicles is still far from enough.”. In addition, the technology of EV vehicle batteries has also been upgraded from semi-solid to all solid state batteries, and the production process and equipment will also change accordingly. Moreover, with the upgrading and transformation of technological methods, the production equipment of Yaskawa customers will undergo changes. We need to constantly follow our customers and work together with them to propose and develop products for new technologies
It can be seen that by continuously following customer needs, Yaskawa Electric will find new development opportunities in technological upgrades and market changes. As an important participant in the new energy field, Yaskawa Electric has not only achieved significant results in the lithium battery industry, but also contributed its own efforts to achieve the “dual carbon” strategy.
Strong local strategy and market investment
Against the backdrop of rapid changes in the global economic landscape, enterprises must have flexible market strategies to meet the demands of different markets. Customization and localization strategies can not only enhance the market competitiveness of products, but also better meet the needs of local customers. Yaskawa Electric’s measures in this regard provide useful reference for other enterprises.
Yaskawa Electric’s global market strategy places great emphasis on close cooperation with customers. By providing stable global services, Yaskawa Electric helps customers achieve success in the international market. This combination of globalization and localization strategy enables Yaskawa Electric to maintain competitiveness in different markets.
Minister Sanlun stated that in the Chinese market, Yaskawa Electric not only focuses on selling standard products, but also launches customized products according to market demand and conducts targeted research and development. Minister Sanlun pointed out that although Yaskawa Electric is a foreign-funded enterprise, it has always adhered to the business philosophy of Yaskawa Group and made contributions to the development of the Chinese economy. This deep localization strategy not only enhances Yaskawa Electric’s influence in the Chinese market, but also reflects a profound understanding of the local market.
China Industrial Control Network believes that Yaskawa Electric has set a new benchmark for the industry through its innovative i ³ – Mechatronics concept. In the future, intelligent manufacturing will become the main theme of industrial development, and more enterprises will benefit from it. Yaskawa Electric’s continuous innovation in the field of industrial automation reflects its leading position in intelligent manufacturing. Through the concept of i ³ – Mechatronics, Yaskawa Electric continuously drives the development of the industry and provides customers with efficient and intelligent production solutions. In the future, Yaskawa Electric will continue to develop more products that meet market demand on the basis of high precision, high quality, and high stability, helping customers achieve more intelligent and innovative production.
In today’s constantly evolving technology, Yaskawa Electric’s innovative spirit and market strategy have won widespread recognition in the global market. As a leading enterprise in industrial automation, Yaskawa Electric will continue to lead the industry’s development and contribute to the future of intelligent manufacturing.

Post time: Jun-05-2024