What are the application scenarios of 5G in industry?

From the current perspective, 5G is not equivalent to a commercial network for operators. When it comes to 5G, we will mention that it supports three basic types of communication: Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Large Machine Type Communication (mMTC), and High Reliable Low Delay Communication (URLLC). It is precisely the various advantages of these three types of communication that have filled people with imagination about the application of 5G in industry.

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5G network in the factory: equipment data communication, large-scale data transmission, etc

With the development of industrial Internet, more and more workshop equipment, such as machine tools, robots, AGVs, etc., begin to access the factory intranet, especially the communication of mobile devices such as AGVs. Wired networks are difficult to meet, and the requirements for flexibility and bandwidth of the factory intranet are getting higher and higher. Traditional factory wired networks have high reliability and bandwidth, but poor flexibility. Wireless networks have high flexibility, but there are shortcomings in reliability, coverage range, and access quantity. 5G, which combines flexibility, high bandwidth, and multi terminal access, has become a new choice for carrying equipment access and communication within factories.

Post time: Jul-10-2024