This Halloween themed activity:thrilling project worthwhile

Xiamen’s magic land world is worth visiting. This time, my friend brought me to Jupeng flying dream coast, where many of my friends were crazy about calling. This Halloween themed activity was really amazing and exciting. There were not only horrible scenes, but also super many. It’s a thrilling project worthwhile.


Free ghost makeup
If you don’t wear ghost make-up, you’d like to come to haunt? There is a magic free make-up area at the gate of the park. The make-up artist has prepared blood plasma, ghost face color paint, and scar and other horror stickers to create your own Halloween makeup. What kind of ghost are you tonight?


Three theme ghost areas and eight ghost bases
The immersive large park scene layout, from the horse storm to the dream world paradise to the car technology museum, all the way through, ghosts and monsters are everywhere, all kinds of horror, absolutely let you scream.

Mysterious Chinese ghost land  
The battle horse situation is full of terrifying skeletons, blood dolls and other ownerless ghosts wandering around. Occasionally, there are Chinese ghost brides. Across the city wall, the butcher’s cry is heard. The artificial limbs are distributed on the chopping board, and a smell of blood is coming

Terrifying fantasy world paradise
After getting out of the Chinese ghost town, you can step into the ghost gate with dense air and obstacles, and explore the climax of the journey to ghost City.

Devil in the way  
Step out of the gate of ghosts and kill a fierce devil on the way. If you are timid, please wait. If you dare to challenge, you will be released after completing the task of mysterious terror box

the bridge to Hell  
Step into the the way to the nether world, set foot on the bridge to Hell, and so on. At the end of the bridge, Meng Po cooks the soup day after day. After drinking the soup, you can forget your past life and present life, and put a blessing boat to pray for this life and the next life

Halloween Ghost feast
Who said that all saints can only be terror? There are also works of joy hidden under the terror, such as DIY production by parents and children, makeup area for parents and children, and making trouble without sugar, so that you can have a rest and alleviate the image of terror
When you’re tired of playing, you’ll be incarnated as “ghouls” to enjoy the weird finger cakes, bloody pumpkin pie, prosthetic cake and so on!

Fantastic western style ghost land of Vehicle Technology Museum  
In the shady seaside corridor, abandoned cars are parked in the wilderness. Ghosts emerge. There are demonic winds, whips, gunshots, and miserable howls. No one knows what will happen next. How can you survive in the wilderness and escape?

Thousands of “gangsters” revel
High has passed through the three ghost areas, with the climax of all saints approaching, all the fierce ghosts are out, small train patrol, zombie assembly tour, terror upgrading! Zombies, electric saw killers and other demons are dancing in the streets, hell special cars, and the walking dead classics are reappeared. Dare to pull up any “ghost” and have a group photo!

All kinds of fierce ghosts are active in the spotlight of DJ station, “demon” you go to the hall of hell to participate in the Halloween electronic audio lie down! The horror show of Halloween ghost show, thousand ghost dance, human ghost battle, set off a big Carnival of “ghost hunks”

Post time: Nov-02-2020