The first 197 megabit desktop computers in terms of quantity have been shortlisted for the central procurement project

Recently, the announcement of the shortlisted results for the 2024 desktop computer framework agreement joint procurement project by central government agencies was officially released. Based on the megachip processor platform, 79 series of 197 desktop computer products were successfully shortlisted, ranking first in total, fully covering the procurement scope of the central government agency government procurement center, Guangdong provincial government procurement center, and Yunnan provincial government procurement and transfer center framework agreements. It effectively demonstrates the outstanding industry recognition and competitiveness of high-performance processors and ecosystem partners in terms of performance, reliability, safety, and other aspects.
The first 197 megabit desktop computers in terms of quantity have been shortlisted for the central procurement project
Five Reasons for Choosing Megachip for Government and Enterprise Office
01 Autonomous iteration system complete high-performance general-purpose processor
Zhaoxin adheres to the development concept of independent innovation, ecological improvement, and usability without cost, and is committed to providing efficient, compatible, and secure solutions for independent general-purpose processor chips. It collaborates with industry partners to build rich products such as desktop computers, laptops, all-in-one computers, cloud terminals, workstations, servers, and IoT computing platforms, effectively serving the innovation and development of information technology applications, and supporting the continuous innovation and digital transformation and upgrading of the industry.
Zhaoxin has always focused on the technical challenges and innovation of general-purpose processors, achieving sustained innovation breakthroughs in key technology fields such as microarchitecture design evolution, instruction set extension, IP, design methods, and testing and verification. It has successfully developed and mass-produced six generations of high-performance autonomous general-purpose processors, promoting leapfrog growth in product performance and forming a robust and complete product system represented by the Kaixian KX-7000 series PC/embedded processors and the Kaisheng KH-40000 series server processors.
02 Excellent Performance Ready to Use Terminal Products
At present, a wide range of industrial partners have developed a variety of desktop computers, laptops, cloud terminals, servers, embedded industrial machines and other products based on the megachip processor platform. They can be used immediately after startup, providing excellent user experience, stable and reliable quality assurance, and a complete product service support system, providing users with rich selection space and meeting diverse needs.
03 Comprehensive software and hardware ecosystem to ensure operational experience
The orderly operation of government affairs requires not only a stable software environment, but also numerous professional peripheral products. Thanks to outstanding software and hardware compatibility, the domestically produced general-purpose processor of Megachip can stably accommodate a large number of hardware peripherals, avoiding hidden dangers such as incompatible peripherals and business impact caused by computing platform conversion.
At present, Zhaoxin has over 3000 system integration, software, and hardware ecosystem partners, and has jointly completed over 180000 software and hardware adaptation and product optimization projects with mainstream domestic operating system manufacturers such as Qilin Software, Tongxin Software, and Zhongke Fangde. With more comprehensive and experience friendly products, solutions, and services, it provides strong support for the innovative development of key basic industries.
04 Reduce Total Cost of Ownership to Solve Migration Challenges
The best cost control to achieve domestic equipment conversion and application migration is currently a challenge that enterprises must consider. The terminal products based on the megachip general-purpose processor platform can fully meet the various needs of daily government office work, interface quantity, and performance expansion, while also achieving a relative balance between performance and price.
05 Multiple technical guarantees for greater efficiency and peace of mind
Zhaoxin’s independent general-purpose CPU supports the x86 instruction set and self-developed SM2/SM3/SM4 acceleration instructions, supports processor and IO virtualization technology, and has excellent product performance. It supports all domestically produced operating systems that have passed security and reliability evaluations, such as Tongxin UOS, Galaxy Qilin, and Zhongke Fangde, as well as various mainstream software and office peripherals. The application ecosystem is prosperous and perfect, ensuring an excellent experience for the entire Zhaoxin platform, servers, and other products. It can help users quickly and smoothly promote application migration and upgrading, achieve the reuse of peripherals, reduce total cost of ownership, and provide strong support for the continuous innovation and upgrading of key basic industries. More Megachip Information

Post time: Jul-09-2024