Simulink of MathWorks won the “2021 best product award” of Control Engineering China

MathWorks announced, Simulink, the system simulation software and motor modeling and simulation solution of MathWorks, won the “2021 best product award” of industrial software and Internet of things platform at the selection activity of the annual best product award hosted by control engineering China (hereinafter referred to as “CEC”) 。 This not only proves the important role of Simulink in motor design, but also reflects the outstanding performance of the software platform developed by MathWorks in the field of automation in China.


The selection activity of Control Engineering China best product award has been held since 2004. With the principles of standardization, fairness and transparency and good reputation in the industry, it has developed into the most authoritative product selection event in the field of industrial automation control and instrumentation in China. The establishment of CEC best product award aims to select the most technically representative, iconic and milestone products through readers’ voting, so as to play a decision-making and guiding role for the majority of users in the process of technology upgrading and product purchase.

The award-winning Simulink motor modeling and simulation solution provides an efficient workflow for designing and verifying motor control algorithms. Simulink and simscape can model and simulate motors and motor drives with different fidelity, so as to help engineers perform various tasks including system level performance analysis and detailed motor drive design. System engineers often rely on more abstract motor modeling, which can balance machinery and power to speed up motor simulation and analyze the system level performance of motor driven equipment. The motor drive designer can import finite element analysis (FEA) data to optimize the drive design parameters and minimize the loss. In addition, motor control blockset ™ Module, which can be used to create and tune field oriented control algorithm and other algorithms for brushless motor.

These excellent functions enable engineers to verify the control algorithm through simulation before expensive hardware testing, so as to effectively reduce the time and cost of algorithm development.

Cao Xinkang, general manager of MathWorks China, said: “We are honored to win the best product award of CEC industrial software and Internet of things platform in 2021, which is our second award after we won the editor’s recommendation award in 2019. The honor is inseparable from the recognition and support of engineers, users and partners for Simulink. This award is both affirmation and encouragement for Simulink. In the future, we will continue to cultivate technology Technology, provide advanced automation design solutions for various fields through constantly updating iterative products, and jointly promote the progress of science and engineering technology with industry partners. “

Post time: Dec-30-2021