Siemens Launches Annual Innovation Tour of Medium Voltage Distribution, Joining Hands with Customers to Empower the Construction of New Power Systems

Using trucks as carriers, comprehensively present their innovative digital and low-carbon products and typical applications in the field of power distribution
Continuously getting close to the market and customers, promoting value co creation
Siemens launched the “Siemens Medium Voltage Distribution Annual Innovation Tour” in Shanghai today, and has specially created an innovative mobile display platform based on trucks for the tour. It comprehensively presents one-stop solutions and services covering intelligent distribution, low-carbon distribution, distribution upgrading and renovation, and grid edges, as well as its application in typical scenarios throughout the entire lifecycle of the distribution field from design planning to operation and maintenance. After the launch of this exhibition tour in Shanghai, we will travel to more than 30 cities including Wuhan, Chengdu, Beijing, and Guangzhou in the next six months, and conduct in-depth discussions with customers and partners on industry development and cooperation opportunities, working together to promote the transformation and upgrading of the distribution industry and the construction of new power systems in various regions.
“With the proposal of China’s dual carbon goals and the upgrading of the energy industry, the smart distribution network, as an important component of the new power system, will continuously promote the formation and development of new quality productivity through various innovative digital and low-carbon products and technologies.” Yang Xiening, Vice President of Siemens (China) Intelligent Infrastructure Group and General Manager of Electrical and Automation Business Unit, said, “Siemens Medium Voltage Distribution is committed to creating safer, more reliable, digital intelligent, green and low-carbon products and solutions, covering the entire process from project consulting and planning to implementation and operation.”. We hope to bring Siemens’ innovative technology products and solutions in the field of medium voltage distribution to our customers through this exhibition, and further drive value co creation with customers through in-depth and effective communication, jointly building a new type of digital and low-carbon power system
Siemens vividly showcased a rich combination of digital and intelligent distribution new products during this exhibition. These products, combined with Siemens’ years of accumulated data models and self-developed prediction algorithm technology in the power field, can help improve the intelligence level of distribution in various industries. For example, the newly released 3AE intelligent vacuum circuit breaker can achieve real-time online monitoring of temperature rise status and mechanical characteristics by adopting a small volume and low-power sensing module, while ensuring good external insulation performance of the circuit breaker. The NXAirS air insulated switchgear can self perceive its status, has intelligent one key sequential control, and is equipped with SIQuench fast arc extinguishing technology. The intelligent device 6MD685 can achieve interconnection and interoperability of various medium voltage switchgear. NXpower Matrix’s new distribution Rubik’s cube product and next-generation intelligent distribution management platform NXpower, targeting intelligent operation and maintenance scenarios of medium and low voltage integration, can achieve localized deployment and station level intelligent operation and maintenance.
At the same time, Siemens also highlighted a series of low-carbon distribution solutions during this exhibition tour. For example, the Blue GIS series of environmentally friendly gas insulated switchgear includes 8DJH 12 national grid standardized environmentally friendly gas insulated switchgear suitable for secondary distribution, and NXPLUS C 24 and 8DAB 12 environmentally friendly products suitable for primary distribution. The Blue GIS series products truly use clean air as the insulation medium. This insulation gas is completely composed of natural components in the air, which is harmless to the human body and does not require additional treatment after use. It not only has huge environmental benefits, but also has excellent airtightness design, which can maintain stable operation in various harsh environments and conditions, better meeting the distribution needs of various industries for higher power supply continuity and smaller footprint. At present, Siemens Blue GIS has been widely applied in the fields of power grid, transportation, and industry.
In addition, the exhibition also launched a series of proprietary digital technology platforms for future energy systems, such as the Integrated Energy Planning and Control System (ISED&MGMS), and the professional Smart Energy Carbon Management Platform (Smart ECX). Through more scientific energy planning, optimized scheduling of integrated energy, carbon emission analysis and prediction, and carbon reduction planning, it helps to build a more digital, low-carbon, and adaptable distribution system for the future.
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Regarding Siemens in China:
Siemens AG (headquartered in Berlin and Munich) is a technology company focused on the industrial, infrastructure, transportation, and healthcare sectors. From more efficient and energy-efficient factories, more resilient supply chains, smarter buildings and power grids, to cleaner and more comfortable transportation and advanced medical systems, Siemens is committed to making technology promising and creating value for customers. By integrating reality and the digital world, Siemens empowers customers to drive industry and market change, helping billions of people create every day together. Siemens holds a majority stake in the listed company Siemens Healthcare, and as a healthcare technology company, Siemens Healthcare shapes the future of the healthcare industry. Siemens entered China in 1872 and has been providing comprehensive support for China’s development for over 150 years with innovative technology, outstanding solutions, and products. Siemens has developed into a part of Chinese society and economy, and is dedicated to working together with China to achieve sustainable development.

Post time: Jun-03-2024