Seizing the pulse of the industry, the 2024 Motor Industry Chain Exchange Conference is waiting for you to explore!

With the continuous development of global industrial automation, intelligence, and high-tech, motors, as the main power source, are showing a positive development trend. Among numerous motor technologies, BLDC motors have become an important direction for the development of the motor industry due to their high efficiency, energy conservation, low noise, and other characteristics. BLDC motor technology is also a key area that industry professionals need to continuously explore.
In order to promote industry development, help professionals in the motor industry chain build a technology exchange platform, promote efficient business exchanges in the motor industry, and improve the level of motor intelligent manufacturing, Big-Bit Business Network will hold the 7th China Motor Intelligent Manufacturing and Innovation Application and Motor Industry Chain Exchange Conference (East China) in Hangzhou on June 28, 2024.
The 25th (Hangzhou) Motor Drive and Control Technology Seminar and the 2024 (Hangzhou) BLDC Motor Design and Application Technology Forum were established at the Motor Industry Chain Exchange Conference, with the theme of “Intelligent Manufacturing and Core Creation · Drive Development”. The technical topics covered mainly focused on motor drive optimization schemes, motor control optimization schemes, excellent controller cases, BLDC motor design, new motor materials, and hot motor application cases.
This exchange meeting will bring together senior scholars, experts, and technical personnel from the motor industry to participate. We warmly welcome you to come and participate on June 28, 2024, to witness the future development of the motor industry together!5.20 全球搜官网 (2)

Post time: Jul-04-2024