Mitsubishi Electric, widely used in the industry, appears in DMC to help improve mold quality and efficiency

The 23rd China International Mold Technology and Equipment Exhibition (DMC) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 5th to 8th. Mitsubishi Electric debuted at DMC with two major models and brought rich industry application solutions to the on-site audience, helping to improve the quality and efficiency of the mold industry.
“Directly targeting the industry is the main highlight of this exhibition.” Xie Jianchun, Deputy Director of the Sales Department of the Processing Machine Business Unit of Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., Ltd., pointed out that whether it is the launch of new products or the display of processed samples, Mitsubishi Electric focuses on industry demand, is committed to solving customer pain points and problems, and helps optimize and upgrade the manufacturing site.
The electric discharge machining machine SG8P (semiconductor specification) is a specialized model launched by Mitsubishi Electric to meet the processing demands of the semiconductor packaging industry. By incorporating specialized processing conditions for semiconductor molds, adding high-quality semiconductor packaging surface precision processing circuits, and configuring a processing fluid circulation system, this model can optimize settings based on different packaging molds, reduce processing time, and improve processing quality, creating the most suitable high-quality rough surface for semiconductor packaging molds.
In addition to actual machine demonstrations, Mitsubishi Electric has brought a wealth of processing samples and industry application solutions, involving many industries such as semiconductors, motor molds, optics and connectors, new energy, precision machining, and general-purpose plastics. Taking the high-precision step distance sample, which is the main product of the motor mold industry, as an example, Mitsubishi Electric’s wire cutting discharge machining machine MV2400R is equipped with high-precision guide rails, matrix compensation, and temperature control, achieving high-precision step distance machining of motor template components.
Innovative intelligence and cohesion, carrying a bracelet for the future. Mitsubishi Electric will adhere to focusing on industry demand, continuously innovate and break through, promote industrial innovation through technological innovation, help the mold industry accelerate the development of new quality productivity, and develop towards a higher level, higher quality, and higher efficiency.

Post time: Jun-07-2024