Flexible and easy to use – ODU medi-snap 3.5 ® Plastic circular connector products can now be done more

ODU MEDI-SNAP ® The product has proved to be a reliable and touch protection solution for medical technology, measurement and testing technology and high demand applications in the industrial field. Now, the new standard 3.5 round plastic connector can provide multi-core solutions or mixed solutions. At the same time, it is flexible enough to quickly adjust to meet the customized needs of customers.

Mixed loading, multi-core, flexible
The hybrid solution can provide different insulators, have more space to accommodate signals, and can also combine power supply and fluid transmission. In the customized scheme, mixed products like shaft or optical fiber can be provided. In pure signal products, 41 signal pins can be provided.

Main features:

  • Maximum performance in minimal space

-Space for up to 41 signal cores
-Media such as signal, power supply and fluid can be combined at the same interface
-Coaxial and optical fiber solutions are also available upon request

  • User friendly, safe and reliable, thanks to:

-Plug in self-locking for easy connection
-Multi core products can provide PCB connection, which makes the assembly extremely simple
-The maximum protection of 2mopp and 2moop to patients in accordance with IEC 60601-1 standard

  • Highly flexible

-The modular construction principle can realize the layout design of various media insulators and various pins
-Different types are available: sealed / unsealed straight plug combined with sealed / unsealed socket, which is suitable for front panel or rear panel installation
·The plastic shell makes the weight extremely light
-ODU provides a full range of flexible solutions, including plug-in self-locking connectors, properly assembled cables with optional identification


ODU MEDI-SNAP ®  The product portfolio expansion of 3.5 is applicable to the fields of medical, industrial and digital test and measurement technology. Test equipment, battery balancers, defibrillators, robotic connections, endoscopes, LED devices, entertainment systems, or uninterruptible power supplies are just some of these possible applications.

Post time: Feb-28-2022