Faulhaber’s latest high-performance motor, lightweight and flexible, subverts traditional applications

The dentist prepares the foundation for the patient’s dental crown, and the watchmaker uses a power device to operate it barehanded when decorating the spring box.
They perform these tasks every day, each time requiring several hours of holding tools, so the weight of holding tools can affect their comfort. In addition, the device also requires a powerful and reliable high-performance motor to work quietly without generating destructive vibrations.
FAULHABER sets new standards for new products
FAULHABER’s newly launched 1660 The BHx series has set new standards for such applications and can generate maximum torque compared to similar products on the market.
Traditional handheld tools use external driving devices when performing fine single handed tasks, as handheld tools with built-in driving units are too heavy to be held with one hand and perform tasks with high precision. Therefore, the motor is placed inside the box, and the driving power is transmitted to the rotating tool through a flexible shaft.
Its disadvantage is that the flexible shaft comes with its own weight, low flexibility, greatly limiting the range of motion and power efficiency. The same goes for pneumatic devices. Using compressed air to operate tools will generate more noise and reduce the accuracy of control. This is not advisable for medical applications.
High performance motors overturn tradition
With the rapid development of motor technology, this type of shaft driven handheld device is no longer suitable. Nowadays, the new generation of products can obtain power through small motors installed in ordinary casings, coupled with the latest high-performance batteries, which can even save wires.
In the medical field, robotics, laboratory equipment, or watchmaking industry, motors with a diameter of only 16 millimeters have become standard equipment. These motors are installed in handheld devices of different machines, with a long service life and excellent performance.
However, with the development of the medical science field, more precise and complex treatment processes such as dental treatment or musculoskeletal surgery require longer time, various medical devices are used more frequently, and doctors work harder in surgical operations.
And new technologies, methods, and systems also ensure the smooth progress of difficult surgeries and reduce discomfort to patients. The new handheld tools using modern driving technology are also more powerful and very lightweight.
Optimizing the application of electromagnetic principles
FAULHABER has developed a brand new bipolar brushless motor with a diameter of only 16 millimeters, and this new BHx series can provide higher power. “We have re examined the physical principles of electromagnetic power generation from a new perspective,” explained product manager Silvio Taraborrelli. “Its foundation is the Lorentz force generated by the interaction between magnetic fields and charge flow.”.
Faulhaber’s newly launched BHx series brushless DC motor
When the coil wire is perpendicular to the magnetic field, it can play its full role; When the coil is wound at a traditional angle, a portion of the Lorentz force is lost, so we have developed a new winding technique. By segmenting the winding, we can align the wires in the best way possible, resulting in higher power output with the same diameter, copper content, and power consumption. “
Two models for your selection
There are two models of this new motor that can meet different needs. 1660 BHT (HT stands for “high torque”) has been optimized for a maximum continuous torque of 18.7 mNm, providing intermittent torque of over 30 mNm, suitable for applications requiring pulse cycles.
Another 1660 The BHS has a speed of up to 100000 revolutions per minute, suitable for continuous motor applications or handheld tools that work for extended periods of time.
Capable of handling load changes and continuously working
In addition to the above characteristics, these two motors also have similar advantages, including extremely quiet operation and almost no vibration, which is conducive to long-term machine operation.
In addition, a significant portion of the energy it uses is converted into kinetic energy, so there is no need to worry about heat dissipation issues. However, handheld tools in common applications have relatively low temperatures, which is beneficial for large-scale operations under short-term overload conditions.
The sturdy and durable micro motor can easily handle continuous or intermittent usage scenarios, while also synchronously executing high dynamic motion modes. Its speed can be as low as 95 rpm/mNm, the torque curve is extremely smooth, and the motor performance is extremely high, making it easy to control, thus avoiding a significant decrease in speed when the load changes.
Optimize components for flexible operation
Faulhaber’s new motor has also made precise adjustments to electronic components and is equipped with digital Hall sensors according to standards, so it can operate without the need for an encoder. The motor can also be used in conjunction with high-resolution incremental magneto electric encoders.
In addition, its preloaded ball bearings ensure that the motor can easily withstand the radial and axial forces generated by handheld tools, with an extremely long service life. Regardless of the presence or absence of a gearbox, the motor can operate and can be matched with multiple precision gearboxes for the first situation. Product manager Silvio Taraborrelli firmly believes that “this motor can free people’s hands from holding machines, while bringing extremely high degrees of freedom and flexibility for high-precision work.”“
World leader in micro and micro drive technology
FAULHABER focuses on developing, producing, and providing high-precision small and micro drive systems, servo components, and drive electronic devices with an output power of up to 200 watts. Its main products include brushless motors, DC micro motors, encoders, and motion controllers.

Post time: Jun-11-2024