Create data center sustainable development framework Schneider Electric helps the industry control sustainable development

Schneider recently released a new comprehensive environmental sustainable development framework for the data center industry. This industry-leading framework proposes five key elements, covering various key metrics, which are suitable for data center operators at different stages of sustainable development. With this framework, operators can mitigate the impact of data centers on the environment.

Data center is an important support of today’s digital world. The carbon emissions generated by data centers account for 2% of the global total, which is equivalent to that of the aviation industry. In order to cope with the growth of digital bandwidth and power demand of IT department, the data center industry urgently needs a comprehensive and standardized approach to environmental sustainability.

Pankaj Sharma, global executive vice president of Schneider Electric’s key power business department, said: “Environmental sustainability report is becoming the focus of attention of many data center operators. However, the data center industry has been lack of standardized methods to implement, measure and report environmental impact. To this end, Schneider Electric has created this overall framework covering various standardized indicators to provide guidance for operators and the whole industry. We launched this framework The original intention is to help the industry set a benchmark, promote the industry to truly realize environmental sustainable development, protect natural resources and benefit future generations. “


“The data center industry has made significant progress in improving energy efficiency. However, with the increase of digital demand, the data center industry must continue to promote longer-term and broader sustainable development plans,” commented rob brothers, vice president of IDC data center and support services: “There is no way to improve without quantification. Therefore, it is necessary to establish clear and consistent measurement indicators, not only considering efficient technology, but also considering the consumption (or possible destruction) of natural resources such as water, land and biodiversity.”

At present, data center operators are under pressure from investors, regulators, shareholders, customers and employees to improve their environmental impact reports. However, many data center operators do not have the expertise in sustainable development, let alone determine which indicators to track or strategies to implement. The sustainable development framework launched by Schneider Electric is within the framework of The research and development team of the data center of the Department brings together the professional knowledge of ESG experts, sustainable development consultants, data center scientists and industry architects to help data center operators solve the problem of index measurement and reporting. The research team of Schneider Electric Data Center was established in 2002. At present, more than 200 manufacturer neutral white papers have been launched and can be used by the industry for free Trade off tools.

Data center sustainability indicators drive sustainability strategies

By tracking and reporting standardized sustainability indicators, data center operators can improve the synergy of internal teams and information transparency to external stakeholders such as customers and regulators. In addition, the implementation of the framework will help data center operators:

Solve the problem of how to select important indicators for tracking

Improve communication and collaboration with internal teams on sustainable development goals

Actions to improve operations based on data

Provide regular and unified reports for external stakeholders (such as investors, regulators, potential employees, etc.)

Set a standardized benchmark for colleagues in the global industry

Schneider Electric Works with leading technology companies and hosting service providers to design, build, operate and maintain facilities. Schneider Electric is also the only digital partner in the industry that can provide enterprises with power distribution, building, it and sustainable development solutions at the same time.

Post time: Dec-08-2021