Accelerating towards the Future: The Smart Infrastructure Group Cabinet Partner Summit Successfully Held 2023-06-05 16:48 Source: Siemens Industrial Business Area



The 2023 Siemens Intelligent Infrastructure Group Cabinet Partner Summit (SIPBC 2023) was held in Suzhou from June 1st to 2nd, with the theme of “Accelerating, Towards the Future”. Over a hundred cabinet partners from all over the country gathered together to create a partnership ecosystem and seek new opportunities for carbon innovation and development.


Executive Vice President, Siemens (China) Co., Ltd Lin Bin, General Manager of Siemens Greater China Intelligent Infrastructure Group, stated in his keynote speech on “Gathering the Beacon and Accelerating towards the Future”: “At present, the market is still full of challenges and opportunities. We are deeply cooperating with ecological partners, focusing on users, and working with partners to build ecosystems in energy supply, buildings and industrial fields. The industrial value proposition of Siemens Intelligent Infrastructure Group is to integrate the source network load, provide comprehensive Siemens digital and low-carbon solutions; in terms of Digital transformation life cycle management, from planning to construction to Operate to provide intelligent comprehensive energy management solutions for enterprises


Lin Bin shared the market trends and key industries focused by Intelligent Infrastructure Group (SI). At the same time, he gave the “Siemens Way” – Siemens Xcelerator digital business platform on how to break through the Digital transformation of enterprises, and shared the successful case of the Ximenzi ECX intelligent energy carbon management platform jointly promoted with partners.


During the summit, SI Electrical Products Division launched a series of highly competitive product portfolios and intelligent solutions under the theme of “Outstanding Innovation, Joining Hands to Win the Future of Low Voltage”, fully demonstrating its firm belief and solid ability to accelerate localization innovation, improve market response speed, and effectively support the efficient and sustainable development of Qianhang Baiye customers. In addition, the Electrical Products Division conducted multiple themed salons and seminars with partners on the latest industry trends, focusing on topics such as enterprise digital low-carbon transformation, showcasing multiple successful industry cases jointly created by Siemens and panel factory partners. This in-depth exchange will further expand Siemens’ cooperation “circle of friends”, bringing new opportunities and momentum for future development.


Markus Grabmeier, General Manager of Siemens Electrical Products China and East Asia Headquarters, said, “All of our outstanding innovation is to work together with our panel factory partners to win the low-voltage future


Yang Xiening, General Manager of SI Electrical and Automation Business Unit, mentioned in his speech that: The Electrical and Automation Division will closely cooperate with a wide range of panel and cabinet partners in the field of medium and low voltage intelligent distribution components, iteratively launching products that are more in line with market demand, including newly upgraded medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers, intelligent comprehensive protection equipment, and a complete set of intelligent distribution solutions. With digital and low-carbon dual wheel drive, we will assist panel and cabinet partners and achieve a win-win future


It is worth mentioning that during the meeting, the SI Electrical and Automation Division upgraded its medium voltage authorization cooperation policy and nameplate to comprehensively assist panel and cabinet partners in enhancing brand competitiveness and production processes, strengthening resource sharing, and jointly exploring the market.


It is reported that this conference revolves around three chapters: “Product Success”, “Industry Competition”, and “Digital Leadership”. At the launch ceremony, representatives of five cabinet partners from five sales regions and the management of Siemens Intelligent Infrastructure Group jointly lit the beacon fire, conveying that Siemens and its partners will work together to accelerate and move towards the future in this wave full of opportunities and unlimited potential!

Post time: Jun-05-2023