ABB Robot Empowerment Center officially unveiled, accelerating automation transformation in the medical industry 2023-04-13  10:52 source:ABB

Shanghai Zhangjiang Robotics Industry Alliance was established, and ABB Robotics became one of the founding members of the alliance

ABB Robot Empowerment Center was officially unveiled at the opening ceremony of the 2nd Zhangjiang Robot Ecology Summit

ABB Robot Empowerment Center focuses on the medical field and will collaborate with local companies and third-party institutions to provide more comprehensive solutions for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical enterprises


In order to seize the opportunities for rapid development in various sub fields of robotics, establish communication platforms in the field of robotics, accelerate technological innovation in the robotics industry, the Industry Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in collaboration with the Shanghai Pudong New Area Science and Technology and Economic Commission and Shanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Co., Ltd., jointly held the 2023 Robot Technology Innovation Forum and the Second Zhangjiang Robot Ecological Summit on March 17 at the Zhangjiang Science Hall. As invited enterprises, Liang Rui, President of ABB Robotics Business in China, Wang Tong, Head of Consumer Goods and Service Robotics Business Unit of ABB Robotics Business in China, and Zhang Jiafan, Head of ABB Robotics China Research Center, jointly attended this summit.


At the main opening ceremony of the summit, the Shanghai Zhangjiang Robot Industry Alliance was announced to be established. ABB Robotics, as a member of the alliance, will continue to assist the robotics industry in achieving an innovative chain of production, education, research, and application in Zhangjiang, promoting technological exchange. At the same time, the opening ceremony also held the unveiling and awarding ceremony of ABB Robot Empowerment Center. Xia Yuzhong, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Commission of Pudong New Area, and Liang Rui, President of ABB Robot Business in China, jointly unveiled the Empowerment Center. The ABB Robot Empowerment Center is located in the Zhangjiang Robot Valley and is expected to be operational in the second half of 2023.


This empowerment center, which focuses on the medical industry, will fully utilize ABB’s leading robot automation technology and cutting-edge artificial intelligence research results. Through efficient, sustainable, and collaborative innovation, it will work with more local companies and third-party institutions to provide more comprehensive solutions for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical enterprises, and continuously empower enterprise innovation. This also means that ABB robots will step out of the factory, actively respond to rapidly changing market demands, layout the medical and health field, continuously break through technological boundaries, and bring infinite possibilities.


In the afternoon of that day, Wang Hong, Deputy Director of the Equipment Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and his delegation visited the newly launched ABB Robot Super Factory. This super factory, characterized by innovation, automation, and flexibility, has achieved more flexible, fast, and efficient production and internal logistics through flexible automation. The new open innovation center will also assist ABB Robotics in collaborating with partners and customers to develop innovative solutions, unlocking more possibilities for flexible automation in new fields such as logistics, healthcare, food and beverage.


In addition, Dr. Zhang Jiafan, the head of ABB Robotics China Research Center, delivered a keynote speech at the main forum of the summit, showcasing the latest development achievements, practical applications, and advantages of ABB robot technology under the empowerment of artificial intelligence, focusing on the theme of “industrial robots moving towards an intelligent era”. He also demonstrated the new possibilities opened up by virtual technology for automation applications and proposed new directions for the future development of industrial robot intelligence.


The automation industry in China is thriving. Nowadays, the medical and pharmaceutical industries are also accelerating automation transformation. ABB robots will help them use automation to improve efficiency, optimize workflow, actively explore new medical technologies, and make people happy to embrace the changes brought by technology.


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