ABB participates in the China Automation Industry Annual Conference to build a new digital ecosystem

The 2021 China Automation Industry Annual Conference (CAIAC2021) with the theme of “Innovation and Integration, Building a New Digital Ecosystem” was held in Beijing yesterday. Jiang Haibo, the head of ABB’s China Process Automation Division, was invited to participate in the “Leader Companies Promoting China (New Industrialization Process)” “High-level Forum” to discuss the future trends and new opportunities of China’s automation and digital development. During the awards ceremony, ABB also won 7 awards in 5 categories, namely, China’s Automation Industry of the Year, Most Influential Engineering Project, Most Valuable Solution, Most Competitive Innovative Product, and User Trusted Product.

During the event, Jiang Haibo and the guests discussed how to jointly build a new digital ecosystem and promote industrial transformation and innovation in the context of the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, and shared ABB’s application of digital technology to empower industrial transformation and sustainable development Case. He said: “The new journey of “carbon peak and carbon neutrality” that China has just started will create more new opportunities for industrial digitalization. As a global technology leader, ABB will continue to provide cross-industry and integrated digital capabilities to help Users in various industries are improving efficiency while reducing emissions and saving resources, which will continue to inject momentum into promoting the sustainable development of the industry and building a low-carbon society.”


In the CAIAC2021 annual selection, ABB (China) Co., Ltd. once again won the title of “China’s Automation Enterprise of the Year”. The outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 has accelerated the digitalization process and has become a catalyst for the transformation and upgrading of various industries. ABB China looks for opportunities in the challenges, actively promotes local innovation, and helps users improve quality, energy conservation and efficiency through the development and provision of a series of automation and digital products, solutions and services, and enhance the resilience and competitiveness of enterprises under the epidemic. In the past year, the number of patent applications submitted by ABB China’s R&D team increased by 11% year-on-year, continuing to maintain double-digit rapid growth, demonstrating ABB China’s outstanding innovation capabilities.

The ABB MobileGuardTM vehicle-mounted natural gas leak detection solution based on the Beidou satellite navigation system won the “Most Valuable Solution of the Year”. This innovative solution was quickly promoted after its first launch at the second CIIE, and has been applied to more than 30 cities across the country, providing gas pipeline network testing and evaluation services for many large gas companies, and the number of pipeline network testing service mileage exceeds 10 10,000 kilometers, and grow at a rate of more than 10,000 kilometers per month. Especially during the epidemic last year, the inspection vehicle provided strong support to ensure the safe and stable operation of the city’s gas pipeline network.

In this selection, ABB’s three innovative products won the “Most Competitive Innovative Product of the Year” award. Among them, as a “one-stop” solution tailored for intelligent monitoring of water pipe networks, ABB’s new generation of intelligent electromagnetic water meters AquaMaster4 has become one of the best choices for controlling water leakage in urban water supply systems with many advantages. For example, it combines the near field communication technology to subvert the traditional meter reading and parameter configuration; it has a longer battery life and a higher range ratio; the integrated regular self-check function ensures long-term stable measurement accuracy; it can be loaded with ABB The measurement product’s narrowband IoT communication module makes data transmission more efficient and convenient.

The IRB 1300 small six-axis industrial robot also stood out in the selection and won the “Most Competitive Innovative Product of the Year” award. As the latest member of ABB’s small industrial robot product series, this robot inherits the payload of IRB 1600 up to 10kg, but the cycle time is reduced by 27%, the weight is reduced by 60%, the footprint is reduced by 83%, and it can quickly lift heavy or Materials with complex shapes and irregular shapes to meet the market’s demand for faster and more compact robots. This small robot can be used for material handling, machine tool loading and unloading, polishing, assembly and testing applications, and is especially suitable for electronics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and fast-moving consumer goods processing, packaging and logistics.

B&R PLC-X20CP3687 with TSN interface also won the honor of “Most Competitive Innovative Product of the Year”. The new PLC-X20CP3687X combines the performance of an industrial PC with the compact design of the X20 controller series. With powerful processing power, additional RAM and integrated on-board flash memory, this high-performance controller can handle complex control algorithms, and can even handle robotic applications that previously required industrial PCs to process. X20CP3687X adopts the Ethernet interface that supports TSN and is fully prepared for communication using the cross-vendor communication standard OPC UA over TSN.

The ABB Distributed Control System 800xA, selected as the “Trusted Product by Users in China’s Automation Field 2020″, is a collaborative automation platform that seamlessly integrates process, electrical, safety, and communication. It provides an ergonomic operator platform and high efficiency The operator control room can maximize the production efficiency of the enterprise. System 800xA v6 (Sixth Edition) is not only suitable for ABB’s full-line automation products, but also can integrate other manufacturers’ full-line automation products and systems. The system integration tools and special services provided by 800xA can help customers easily and flexibly apply the latest control technology and continuously optimize operations.

The Wanjiazhai Water Diversion Project in which ABB Transmission participated in the construction was awarded the “Most Influential Project of the Year”. The Yellow River Diversion Project is one of the major strategic projects to solve the shortage of water resources in Shanxi. It is responsible for drawing water from the Wanjiazhai Reservoir on the Yellow River and supplying water to Taiyuan, Datong and Shuozhou respectively. Based on the successful experience of participating in the first phase of the expansion project, ABB provided leading products and services such as medium voltage inverter LCI, synchronous motor, PLC system, transformer, switch cabinet, excitation and filter for the second phase expansion project of the project. And solutions to fully support the construction of this national key project that benefits the country and the people.

Post time: May-17-2021