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    Manufacturer: EPRO (Eaton Process Automation)
    Model: PR6423/003-110
    Type: Eddy current sensor
    The working principle of eddy current sensors is eddy current, which is the current induced by a changing magnetic field inside a conductor. PR6423/003-110 may use this principle to detect the proximity or displacement of target objects made of conductive materials (such as metals). Then, the output signal of the sensor will vary based on the distance or position of the target relative to the probe of the sensor.
    The EPRO PR6423/003-110 eddy current sensor can be used in various industrial automation applications that require non-contact sensing of metal objects. Here are some examples:
    Machine condition monitoring: detects shaft vibration, eccentricity, or bearing wear in rotating machinery by sensing the movement of the shaft relative to the sensor.
    Metal thickness measurement: measuring the thickness of conductive materials (such as metal sheets) during manufacturing or processing.
    Position sensing: detects the presence of metal objects to control automated processes or safety interlocks.
    Crack detection: Identify cracks or surface defects in metal components by inducing eddy current changes caused by defects.


    The main characteristics of PLC products include programmability, stability, reliability, and flexibility. Programmability allows PLC to customize control schemes according to different production needs, meeting the needs of different production scenarios. Stability ensures that the PLC can maintain stable performance and reliable control effects during long-term operation. Reliability means that PLC has high anti-interference ability and self-healing ability, which can withstand harsh industrial environments and sudden failures. Flexibility allows PLC to adapt to different production equipment and control systems, making it convenient for users to upgrade and maintain.


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