Cnc Controllers ABB SPHSS03 Memory Card

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  • FOB Price: US $100 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 3000Piece/Pieces per Month
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    IN Stock, 100% full New! Original Factory Seal !

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    Cnc Controllers ABB SPHSS03 Memory Card
    Cnc Controllers ABB SPHSS03 Memory Card
    Cnc Controllers ABB SPHSS03 Memory Card

    Company’s Name:Xiamen Xingruijia Import & Export Co., Ltd.
    Contact: Lizzy    
    QQ: 3007272971
    Email: sales1 * ( * changes to @ )
    Phone Number/Wechat: +86-18106937709

    Xiamen Xingruijia Import & Export Co., a professional of global famous brand modules and spare parts.Our main products are: distributed control system (DCS), programmable logic controller (PLC), large servo control system.The spare parts we sell are guaranteed for one year and are rigorously tested and certified.We are now a global manufacturer of industrial automation spare parts and components.

    ①Allen-Bradley: 1715,ICS,1746,1747……..
    ②Schneider: QUANTUN,MODICON………
    ③General electric: IC697,IC695,IS200.DS200…..
    ④SIEMENS: 6ES5,6DD,6GK……
    ⑦Bentley 3500/3300 Series
    More ABB DCS Module

    1) AC800M series controller I/O module
    2) AC800F series controller module
    3) AC31 series controller module
    4) 800xA series modules
    5) Bailey INFI 90 module
    6) DSQC robot module spare parts
    7) Advant OCS system spare parts
    8) H&B Freelance


    1.Allen-Bradley 1756/1769/1771/1785 Series

    2.ABB 800xA/Bailey INFI90/DSQC/ Series
    (07KT98 WT98,07KT97 WT97,DSQC679,IMASI23,IMDSO14…)

    3. Bently Nevada 3500/3300 Series
    (3500/42M ,3500/22M,3500/95.3500/15)

    4.Schneider Modicon Series
    (140CPU65150,140CPU67060,140CRA ,140CPS)

    5.GE IC693/IC697/IC698/IS200/DS200 Series

    6.SIEMENS MOORE/S5 Series 
    (6ES7 cards,6ES5,6DD,6DP)


    (3008,3664,3805E.3704E,3700A 4351B…)


    ABB MC-4/11/03/400 ABB DSTC120 57520001-A
    ABB HIES207036R3 ABB PFSK101 YM322001-ED
    ABB HIEE400961R1 HI906153-860-023 UFB009AE01 ABB DSDO115 57160001-NF
    ABB XI16E1 1SBP260100R1001 ABB DATX100 3ASC25H208
    ABB OS30AJ12 ABB YXE152A YT204001-AF
    ABB CI855K01 ABB 3HNP03386-1
    ABB AI820 ABB 3HNM00148-01
    ABB YXI115B YT204001-AL ABB PM861K01 3BSE018105R1
    ABB YXU173E YT204001-JK ABB AO820 3BSE008546R1
    ABB PFSK163 3BSE016323R3 ABB PFEA111-65 3BSE050090R65
    ABB PFBK165 3BSE000470R1 ABB DSQC668 3HAC029157-001
    ABB DSPC173 57310001-MT ABB 07KT98 WT98 GJR5253100R0278
    ABB DSBC173 57310001-KH ABB CI854AK01 3BSE030220R1
    ABB PFSK111 5735175-C ABB PM860AK01 3BSE066495R1
    ABB DSMC112 57360001-HC ABB BRC400 P-HC-BRC-40000000

    ABB PM861K01 3BSE018105R1 YOKOGAWA NFCP100-S00 S2 CPU
    ABB AO820 3BSE008546R1 YOKOGAWA ADV551-P00 S2  
    ABB PFEA111-65 3BSE050090R65 YOKOGAWA ADV551-P00 S2
    ABB DSQC668 3HAC029157-001 YOKOGAWA ADV159-P01
    ABB 07KT98 WT98 GJR5253100R0278 YOKOGAWA AAR181-S00 S2 
    ABB CI854AK01 3BSE030220R1 YOKOGAWA AAB841
    ABB PM860AK01 3BSE066495R1 YOKOGAWA YS170 YS170-012
    ABB BRC400 P-HC-BRC-40000000 YOKOGAWA AAI141-S00 S2 
    ABB PP826 3BSE042244R1 YOKOGAWA PW402 S2 
    ABB DSBC176 3BSE019216R1 YOKOGAWA AAT141-S00 S2 
    ABB TC570 3BSE001458R1 YOKOGAWA AAT141-S00 S2  
    ABB SC520 3BSE003816R1 YOKOGAWA ADV161-P00 S2 
    ABB SR511 3BSE000863R0001 YOKOGAWA ADV561-P00 S2 

    DSQC254 3HAA3563-APA
    DSQC256A 3HAB2211-1
    DSQC258 3HAA3563-AUA
    DSQC259 3HAB2205-1

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  • 1)100% full New! – Original Factory Seal !


    2)Warranty: 12 months!


    3)Package: Original packing with cartons.


    4)Delivery time: Shipped in 3 days after payment


    5)Payment Terms: TT, Pay pal & Western Union



    Brand: FOXBORO

    Item NO.: FBM03

    Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal

    Product Origin: American

    Shipping Port: XIAMEN, CHINA

    Lead Time: IN STOCK

    Condition: 100% full New !Original Factory Seal !

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